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Solo Tek Grow is a fertilizer perfect to use during the vegetative phase of the plant. The formula includes all the aspects necessary for healthy and lush growth. This product is designed for all types of plants.

The Grotek team of scientists has conducted extensive research into basic nutrients on the market with the goal of improving its properties and plant development. Solo-Tek is an optimal result in every phase. Examples of these ratios are 3: 1 of calcium and magnesium, 9: 1 of nitrates and ammonia nitrogen.

The primary, secondary and micronutrients are destined to have a pH load. The fact that Solo Tek Grow and Solo Tek Bloom are organic products makes pH control very important. Extracts from plants such as algae and other plants are the natural ingredients of the Solo Tek. These ingredients are a maximizing of plant growth, the number of leaves and sugar levels in crops.

Solo Tek is a unique product with a fermentation, a system in any system. With organic content, in addition to the biological and chemical addition of secondary nutrients and micronutrients.

6% nitrogen
3% Phosphorus
7% Potassium
3% Football
1% magnesium
1% sulfur
0.1% Iron

How to use:
It is recommended to use the product from the beginning of the growth up to the pre-flowering
For soil and hydroponics, a dosage of 1-3 ml is used for one litre of water
For flowers, flowers and shrubs: mix 1-2 ml of product every litre of water
It is recommended to apply the mixture every 1-2 weeks to promote green and healthy growth
For non-flowering houseplants: mix 1-2 ml of Solo-Tek Grow for each litre of water
Apply the mixture once a month
This product is suitable for gardens and gardens, containers, shrubs and trees, houseplants and exotic plants
Ideal for use both on the ground and off the ground

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