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Monstera Deliciosa, Swiss Cheese Plant

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6" Pot

Grown on site at Faith Greenhouses
Beginner Friendly

Plant Care & Growth*:

Light Requirement
The Swiss Cheese Plant survives best in bright, indirect light and partial shade. The best way to utilize the bright, indirect light is to let it shine down through the leaves. This sort of mimics their natural habitat.
When you water your Swiss Cheese Plant, make sure that you allow the soil to dry between the times you water them. Water them moderately until it runs out of the pot’s bottom drainage holes. Give the soil a few moments to absorb the water and then you can discard all the excess water. Always check the soil before watering. The top layer should be dry to the touch, but you should put your finger in the soil to see if it is dry farther down. You will not need to water it if you can feel moisture with your finger.
The climate should be warm and slightly humid.
You should use a peat-based potting soil mixed with sand or perlite and drains well.
The ideal temperature is 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-27 degrees Celsius). If the temperature is lower than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, it will still be in good health, but it will grow at a slower pace. Do not put your planter in an area where it would have cold drafts. Also, make sure that they are placed free of heating systems or air conditioning units. The Swiss Cheese Plant thrives in mid to high humidity. It is used to a good level of moisture in the air from where it is grown. If the air in your home is dry, you may need to run an electric humidifier. You can also create humidity using a misting spray on the foliage.
You should repot your Swiss Cheese Plant about every three years, but it all depends on its growth. When you repot it, carefully lift it out of the current pot and put it in one another size bigger. You will need to work the old soil out the roots to help them spread and continue to grow.
Speed of Growth
When growing a new plant from a stem cutting, it can take two to three weeks for the roots to start growing.
Height and Spread
The Swiss Cheese Plant can grow to several feet tall but make sure that it keeps its height, you need to make sure it is supported.
The Swiss Cheese Plant usually does not flower when you plant it in a planter but naturally, the flowers have a spadix in the center with a whitish colored spathe.
In the right conditions, this plant can grow rapidly. It reaches maturity around three years so to keep it under of control you will need to trim it. It can be done at any time of the year when it gets too full or too large. Do not discard the pruned stems as you can use them to grow more plants. To use them to grow more plants, cut the stems just after a leaf node.