Gaia Green

Gaia Green Fossilized Carbon Complex

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Naturally and organically increase beneficial soil microbial activity in your garden, flower beds, potted plants, lawns, hanging baskets, indoor plants, and more. Made with 100% pure fossilized carbon without fillers

Helps to draws atmospheric nitrogen into the soil and increase biological activity. Feed the whole plant, and the organisms living in the root zone to minimize plant stress from summer drought, pest/disease pressures, and more

When mixed with glacial rock dust, it provides a complete balance of mineral elements and plant nutrients required to build healthy soil and grow healthy plants

Convenient, easy to use, recloseable, reusable and resealable 2kg pail makes for simple storage if not used in a single growing season

Grow organic, grow natural, grow healthy plants with Gaia Green fossilized carbon complex which is approved for organic food production, environmentally friendly, and great to develop healthy soil for whatever plants you want to grow