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Crassula Jade

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6" Pot
Grown on site at Faith Greenhouses

Plant Care & Growth*:

Succulents love bright light and can withstand direct sun. The brightest windowsill in the house is the best place for a succulent year-round!
Jade and other succulents are drought resistant plants that retain water. We recommend watering when the soil has dried out and to err on the side of under-watering. Overwatering will rot the plant and kill it very quickly. Water only enough to keep the leaves from shrinking (which indicates they are using up their retained water). To follow our succulent watering instructions, first remove the plant in its plastic grower pot from your clay pot. Pour about an inch of water into the clay pot and place the grower pot back inside. This allows the plant to soak up the water from the bottom and avoids too much water collecting at the base of the plant. You’ll typically only need to water once every three to four weeks. Remember: succulents keep a lot of water in their leaves to make it through a drought, so let your soil dry out completely before rewatering. They can handle a dry spell!
If you want to fertilize you can do so once per year with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength. Spring or summer is the best time to fertilize.
Succulents are desert dwellers, and they like it warm and dry. Keep your succulent away from drafts and at a consistent temperature in the home, preferably between 18-29 degrees. However, as long as they are dry, succulents can handle lower temps too, down to 7 degrees C if you’re keeping your succulent outside (remember, it gets cold on those desert nights). Keep them away from humidity like your steamy bathroom too, as too much ambient moisture can lead to rot just like overwatering.
Pruning and Propagation
Crassula Hobbit lends itself well to pruning almost like a Bonsai tree! It tends to grow woody stems when it’s well established and you can prune it to grow in a round bush shape for a beautiful ornamental display. Prune in the fall to cut back leggy growth, and prune in the spring to maintain a uniform shape if desired. You can propagate Hobbit Jade with a cutting of a leaf. Remove a full leaf at the base of the stem and allow it to dry or callus over. Place in well-draining potting soil and mist regularly to keep it from drying out. Soon you should see a tiny root system forming and your Crassula Hobbit is on its way.
Overwatering a succulent will cause root rot and death, with your succulent’s leaves running out of room for the moisture they’re trying to hold. It’s not a pretty sight! If you do overwater and find rot at the base of your plant, you can try propagating individual stems or leaves.
Jade succulents are susceptible to pests like mealybugs (unarmored scale), scale infestations, and spider mites. If you catch these little buggers early you can just dab them off with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and treat the affected leaves by swabbing with an insecticidal soap. Don’t spray a soap mixture or any solution onto the Hobbit Jade since too much moisture will cause rot issues.



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