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Chocolate Soldier, Kalanchoe

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4" Pot
Grown on site at Faith Greenhouses

Plant Care & Growth*:

Growing a chocolate soldier is simple once you’ve learned the conditions it prefers and how to water the specimen. Begin by planting the chocolate soldier plant in a well-draining, sandy or gritty succulent soil, amended with pumice, perlite, or coir. Locate the plant in morning sun, partial or filtered is preferable. The chocolate soldier kalanchoe does not need as much sun as many other succulent plants. If the plant has been inside, acclimate it gradually to outdoor sun. If you wish to keep it inside, the chocolate soldier kalanchoe is adaptable to a bright light or artificial light situation. Hairs growing on the leaves of this fuzzy specimen limit transpiration. As with other succulent plants, the leaves store water on which the plant can exist for months, especially in winter. Limit watering of the chocolate soldier in all seasons, but especially in winter when it is likely dormant. When you water the plant, water thoroughly, not allowing it to sit in a saucer of water afterward. Do not water again until the plant shows a need such as leaves that are no longer firm to a gentle squeeze. Firmness of leaves on a succulent plant indicates they are filled with water.


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